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Denim and blue jeans has been the stuff of legends since Levi Strauss made the first pair of work pants in 1873 and they appeared on Paris runways in the 1970’s. For Liz Richardson, an unimaginable denim adventure began in 2009.

As a designer and marketing executive, Liz always looked for the unexpected twist to incorporate great style into every project. For years, she had saved her jeans and those of family members believing she would find new life for them. Jeans evoke memories of people, places and events much like music; rekindling those memories in a unique, sustainable way seemed like a good idea. When a friend gave Liz an older chair that had “solid bones,” the denim dream began its journey. Working with a master craftsman, the chair was upholstered using the old jeans and became the prototype for this truly “one-of-a-kind” collection. 

The LegendBlues line is a sensational and authentic use of fabric that has stood the test of time. Each piece tells a story unique to its owner – it’s for people who cherish their jeans and the memories they rekindle.